About Annie Vander

With the grit and determination to move mountains and the endless talent she exudes, Annie Vander is the real deal. The Illinois native has always had a passion for making music, but life led her in a different direction to begin with. Her life-changing accident, CRPS diagnosis, and unforeseen obstacles changed the trajectory of her career forever. Annie realized that she was always meant for making music, so she is making that dream come true and inspiring fans along the way. Inspired by the 90s rock, pop, and modern country, Annie has shaped her own unique sound and image.


Coming off the heels of a country radio chart-topping hit, Annie Vander continues to spread love and light through her new single Tonight. Her previous radio release, Falling Into Nashville, received great traction at country radio, which secured her on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. This was her first radio charting single. This release also charted in the Top 5 streaming and was also in the Top 18 Most Downloaded songs on PlayMPE, coming in right after Brett Eldredge. She has received prominent press coverage and feedback from music directors saying her songs come straight from the heart. Continuing to release new music throughout 2023, Annie is making her own way in the music world and can’t wait to share her heart with the world.