About Annie Vander

an artist to watch

Annie Vander is a rising star with a story of resilience and passion that shines through in her music. Hailing from Illinois, Annie's journey to the music industry was shaped by life-changing obstacles, including a CRPS diagnosis, that ultimately led her back to her true calling. Drawing inspiration from 90s rock, pop, and modern country, Annie has cultivated a unique sound and image that resonates with fans.
Annie's debut radio release, "Falling Into Nashville," made waves on country radio and secured her a spot on the prestigious Music Row Country Breakout Chart. The track also achieved success on streaming platforms, ranking in the Top 5 and earning a place among the Top 18 Most Downloaded songs on PlayMPE, alongside industry heavyweights like Brett Eldredge. Her follow-up release, "He Himself & Him," soared to #1 on PlayMPE's streaming charts and #5 on the most downloaded list.
Annie's music continues to gain momentum, with her songs landing on various streaming playlists and receiving accolades from music directors who appreciate the heartfelt sincerity she brings to her craft. With a promising future ahead, Annie Vander is an artist on the rise, captivating audiences with her genuine talent and unwavering determination.